My Book Wishlist for 2013

I am sure I will read more than these books, but these are the ones on my list:














Homeschool or School at Home?

Believe it or not, there is a huge difference between homeschooling your child and doing school at home. We started this school year out doing school at home. Let me explain what that is. This is where you attend public school online at home. We went through a program called K12. They created the curriculum, sent all materials needed for the school year, and also provided a teacher that you can always communicate with when you had a question. It was a good program, but our son was struggling because the years of him being pushed through public school have taken a huge toll on his eduction. We decided that this program was not going to work for him.

My husband and I sat down and weighed out all of our options, what it would look like to homeschool our children, and if we thought that we would be able to do it. We decided that it was what was best for the kids that mattered. I immediately got online and started Googling everything and anything I could think of to help us figure out where to start.

So what is the difference between homeschool and school at home? Here it is: You must do everything, including planning the day, choosing curriculum, providing the materials, and you have no teacher support. We seriously contemplated buying the expensive curriculums that many places offer. In the end, we decided we were going to make our own curriculum so that we could tailor it to fit our son, since he struggles in some classes more than others. We found used textbooks online through and website called Alibri’s.  We also got on Ebay and found workbooks that we are using for math and language. As for our math manipulatives, we make most of them out of everyday items we have laying around the house. I used this website for inspiration. I also use Pinterest for alot of creative ideas to use for teaching tools.

It is absolutely amazing how much help you can find online. I think what helped me the most was finding other parents’ blogs. They share a lot of experiences and can tell you some things to avoid, some things that work, etc. So before you throw in the towel or feel extremely overwhelmed, hop on the internet and use Google. You will be surprised at how many other parents have the same questions and problems you do, and how many other parents have the answers you are looking for.























Our Ecclectic Curriculum 2012-2013 School Year

Our curriculum is a hodge podge of different books, websites, and worksheets. We use a variety of sources to get the most out of our school time. Our son is in the 6th grade, but he is behind in a few of his classes so we use different grade level material based on his classes. Our daughter is 4 and she is doing some Pre-K classes and some Kindergarten classes. This is a list of the websites and books we use. I did not, however, put every website we use to print out our worksheets. It is a mixture of the websites I have published in my previous blog “Links and Resources We Use”.

Our 12 year old uses this curriculum:

For our 4 year old, we use this curriculum:

For both children, we do a virtual Road trip across North America. We keep track of everything for each trip in a Word file. We also have a map on the wall that the kids color in when they visit the states. The rules and how it works is at . We will be doing this most of the year. It is a fun way for the kids to learn all about North America without the boring textbooks. I will update this regularly as we work our way through the rest of this school year.

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Links and Resources We Use

We use the internet for alot of things, so it was only obvious to us that we use it to teach our children. I have provided a list of different websites we have used so far. We will update it with new ones as we come across them. Feel free to let me know about different websites that you use. I hope this will help you on your journey to homeschooling success.

Lapbook Templates:


We do this virtual road trip across North America to learn about all the different places in North America. We also use a map to color the states and places we have visited.

This is a variety of History Unit Studies.

Typing Class:

This website is good for beginning typers.

For Reading, we use a variety of sources, but we enjoy making these Adventure Packs for the kids.

For the younger kids, I like to use the following websites:

Spelling and Vocabulary lists for elementary and middle school can be found at:

Math manipulatives are expensive and I found a website that teaches you to make your own.


And for a variety of different printable worksheets and teaching aids, we use these websites:



Our first 2 months of homeschooling

Our classroom/Dining Room. We continue to add to our supplies everyday.

Our classroom/Dining Room. We continue to add to our supplies everyday.

We started the 2012-2013 school year out by doing online public schooling and we found out that didn’t work very well for us. After a long, prayerful few days between my husband and I, we decided that we would start transitioning into a full homeschool. We started researching everything we could think of for different ideas about how to even get started with a traditional homeschool. As many of you might know, the cost of books and supplies for a homeschool curriculum is very expensive.

I came across a lady who has shared her curriculum that she is using with her children. Her website is It helped us tremendously by providing an already thought out curriculum, which is also free. I used this website for about a month with my oldest son while I continued to work out our own curriculum that would best work for him. I still use this website for my youngest daughter. She loves it.

Besides finding books and workbooks, we also needed to come up with interactive ideas for teaching. We didn’t want our kids to just sit in front of a book or workbook all day. We started using Pinterest for various ideas. It is a great place to find crafty ways of teaching your kids everything from math to history to grammar.

Learning Math through NUmber of the Day wall

Learning Math through NUmber of the Day wall

Learning about parts of the body.

Learning about parts of the body.

As you can see by the pictures posted, we have had quite a busy couple of months. It has been an exciting, scary, and wonderful journey and as we heaqd into 2013, we will be learning a lot more about what it means to homeschool. We will keep you up to date on our various projects and ideas we come up with as we journey through the rest of the school year because I know from experience, that when you first start out homeschooling, you need all of the help you can get!

Halloween craft

Halloween craft

Date and Weather Graphs

Date and Weather Graphs

Field Trip for Science

Field Trip for Science

Christmas Crafts

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