Links and Resources We Use

We use the internet for alot of things, so it was only obvious to us that we use it to teach our children. I have provided a list of different websites we have used so far. We will update it with new ones as we come across them. Feel free to let me know about different websites that you use. I hope this will help you on your journey to homeschooling success.

Lapbook Templates:


We do this virtual road trip across North America to learn about all the different places in North America. We also use a map to color the states and places we have visited.

This is a variety of History Unit Studies.

Typing Class:

This website is good for beginning typers.

For Reading, we use a variety of sources, but we enjoy making these Adventure Packs for the kids.

For the younger kids, I like to use the following websites:

Spelling and Vocabulary lists for elementary and middle school can be found at:

Math manipulatives are expensive and I found a website that teaches you to make your own.


And for a variety of different printable worksheets and teaching aids, we use these websites:




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