Our Ecclectic Curriculum 2012-2013 School Year

Our curriculum is a hodge podge of different books, websites, and worksheets. We use a variety of sources to get the most out of our school time. Our son is in the 6th grade, but he is behind in a few of his classes so we use different grade level material based on his classes. Our daughter is 4 and she is doing some Pre-K classes and some Kindergarten classes. This is a list of the websites and books we use. I did not, however, put every website we use to print out our worksheets. It is a mixture of the websites I have published in my previous blog “Links and Resources We Use”.

Our 12 year old uses this curriculum:

For our 4 year old, we use this curriculum:

For both children, we do a virtual Road trip across North America. We keep track of everything for each trip in a Word file. We also have a map on the wall that the kids color in when they visit the states. The rules and how it works is at http://3kidsinnorthamerican.blogspot.com . We will be doing this most of the year. It is a fun way for the kids to learn all about North America without the boring textbooks. I will update this regularly as we work our way through the rest of this school year.

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