Separating Home and School

When I started homeschooling, I didn’t think it was even possible to separate home and school. How do you even do that? And what does that even look like?

At first, homeschooling was taking up all of my time. Between the actual schooling, the grading of papers, the schedule and curriculum planning. There was no separation between home and school. I schooled all of the time. I realized that wasn’t really working for me. I needed time outside of school. Now, I am setting a time limit. At 4pm everyday, we stop all things related to school. No grading papers, no schedules being made. It is strictly family time. Whatever doesn’t get done in that time gets done tomorrow. If you don’t set your time limit, you will gradually begin to make school your whole life. And although school is a huge part of our lives, we need our own time to find out who we are when we are not teachers.

So I am leaving you with this challenge. Set your goal and stick to it. Keep your schedule. Take time out for yourself. And never, ever let homeschool become too overwhelming or stressful. It will not work for you or your children.


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