New year, New Semester, New School

As I was looking back through my blog, I noticed something that made me a bit sad. Last school year, we worked on so many cool things, took field trips, ect. I posted many pictures of the kids learning in all kinds of different ways. And the kids looked happy! Then I scroll through a few more posts, and no projects, no field trips, nothing fun at all.

We switched from homeschooling to online public school because we thought that structure would be good for our children. We soon learned that was not the case at all. I was stressed out, and the kids were not happy. We have not done any projects or fun learning activities and not taken any field trips. Now, as the new year starts, we have decided to go back to those fun times. Our kids deserve to learn without being bored or stressed out. They deserve to have fun learning.

Sometimes, looking back on things you used to do with change your perspective on what you are doing now. I now realize that what I have done to our children is not fair. I thought that switching to online public school would relieve some of my stress, but instead it transferred that stress to my children and that was very selfish of me.

So as of today, I am putting together a fun, exciting homeschool plan for my children. More projects, more creative learning, and more field trips. I will post some of the fun stuff we will be doing.


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