2 days in….

We are two days into our new school curriculum and it is going great! When I say that our curriculum is eclectic, it is not an exaggeration. We have put together a curriculum that looks chaotic, but instead it works very well for us. And our kids are loving it! They are actually having fun, which is a huge step for us, especially our oldest, who absolutely hates school. Here is a sample of our daily schedule:

9am- breakfast/chores

10am- Math (www.allinonehomeschool.com) We use 1st grade math for our 5 year old and Pre Algebra for our 13 year old.

10:30- Vocabulary for our 13 year old. We are using materials from http://www.TampaReads.com. Our 5 year old plays learning games on http://www.abcya.com

11:00- snack/break

11:15- History (www.allinonehomeschool.com) We do this subject together. We are studying Geography

11:45- Science (www.allinonehomeschool.com) We also do this subject together. We are studying Zoology

12:15- Spelling (www.spellingcity.com) They each work on their spelling words independently

12:30- Lunch

1:30- Phys Ed (either Yoga or Zumba together as a group)We pick videos from Youtube.

2:00- Reading. 13 year old is really struggling in this class so we spend 15 minutes each day with him reading me a story. While he is reading to me, 5 year old plays on http://www.starfall.com. The last 15 minutes of class, our 13yo plays on http://www.learn4good.com while our 5yo reads to me from (www.allinonehomeschool.com) We use Getting Ready 2, but only for the reading.

This is just our starting off point. I am sure along the way, we will find other things to add/delete or change. In the meantime, we our having fun learning 🙂


Postcard exchange

I have recently joined a postcard exchange. I thought it would be an awesome way for kids to learn about other places people live. I think it would great if we could get more people to join from all over the country and the world.


If you want to learn more about it, visit these blogs:




If you would like to join, please feel free to contact me, or the two listed above. It’s a fun way to learn about Geography 🙂


Random Things

Here is a look at a few of the things we have been working on in class.


New World Explorers Lapbook


Number of the Day(advanced)


Map for our Virtual North American road trip


Poster on the wall


Phonics Dry erase board


Learning how to write sentences in cursive


Kindergarten Addition


Our day, date, and weather chart


Learning how to write


Learning how to write all uppercase letters.


These are just a few things we do. When I say that our curriculum is Ecclectic and is a hodge podge of things that work best for us, I am not overexaggerating. There has been a lot of trial and error and we are still working out some things. It is a learning process for all of us.